Im wondering if I could ask some advice, I've been with my ex for 2 years off and on. We were back on in November last year and have just found he was also seeing another woman behind my back. He says that they wernt together when we were but I don't believe that's true.

Also, one day he tells me that he loves me and wants to get back together then the next he says he is unsure. He has been constantly emailing and texting me asking me to go back to him and that the other girl he was seeing is out of the pic (she is out of the pic because she found out about me and kicked him to the kerb, but he don't know that I know that)

Yesterday I was going to meet up with him and found out only 1 hour later that he is back friends with her on Facebook?? I texted him to ask him why he was asking me to get back with him an then going behind my back with her on Facebook, and funnily enough I've never heard from him today!!

I also found out that whilst begging me to come back he has been arranging to go on hol with a different girl, when I questioned him he says they were only mates and that they were both going through a bad time at the mo and needed to get away?? He even had the cheek to say to me that they were mates but you never know eh??

What should I do? I do love the guy but he is playing me for a fool, one day he loves me and then the next day he doesn't know whether we will work out, he is 30 yrs old and still living at home so not the best catch in the world I suppose but I love him

He text me today saying that he has had enough of mates mates giving him hassle about the way he is treating me, so now he don't want to be together?? But he did yesterday.