I had a good friendship and then a fling with a man a couple of years ago. Although I wanted a relationship with him he didn't want the same thing. So I eventually cut off all contact and got on with my life.

This summer he got back in touch and asked if I'd like to go out for the day. We've now been on a couple of days/evenings out over the last 3 months (he has suggesed each trip well in advance). We've just been friends when we've been out and got on really well together and it's been fun each time. We haven't talked about my hoped-for relationship between us. I've kept my distance and leave it to him to initiate contact and for him to suggest any days out. As a result we email each other a couple of times a week (usually initiated by him) - just chatty and funny with no pressure.

We spent the day and evening together last week and, as we said goodbye at the end of the evening, I lifted my face to him for the usual peck on the cheek, but he gave me a kiss on the lips. It wasn't a snog, just a sweet little kiss. Then he smiled and said goodbye. What does it mean?