I'm 54, gorgeous & toned blonde. He's 58 Aries - arrogant male. I knew him 30-years ago at University as friends. I called him for book I'm writing. He came straight up from out of town. I was celibate (separated) 15-years. He had just separated, although last 8 yrs of marriage-nothing.

He came on strong, hot, heavy, in love, wanted to marry me. Promised me the world. Has habit of walking out & saying he's "done" after fight. I call crying, begging. This happened 5 -7 times.

Last time was it. He was very kind breaking up with me. Said I was the love of his life, but he can't take my drama. He's in middle of divorce. Has 2 kids still every week (12 & 15). I'm not an idiot, it was true love. We were soul-mates. I wrote him letter based on all this advise.

Response: "That was the best possible note you could possibly have wrote me." What does that mean? I still love him like crazy, but could never take another break up. If or when he comes back (I'm sure one day) - should I take him back after so many break-ups?