OK so there's this guy that I used to have a past with last year. And then the other day he stopped by my house to talk and he was like you well I've decided that I want to start over where we left off and the before he left we madeout. I mean I'm really happy and all because I've wanted this forever but I can't help to think that he is cheating on me. So then this weekend he came over again and we went for a walk and we made out a lot and then he fingered me and then asked if I wanted to give him head and I said no and he said OK that's fine and then we were walking back to my house and he said that he thinks that I should date his friend. Which I thought was kind of weird. But then again when I was dating one of his other friends he was jelouse of us and stuff and wouldn't leave us alone. So I don't know what to believe what do you think that I should do shoul I trust him or not even get myself into it again. He said that he only wanted to be friends with benefits so I don't know. Please help me what should I do