2 years ago I started dating a man , Im 38 and he's 57 now, he had been separated for 17 years with his with wife so I felt nothing wrong with being with him as I don't like to break up marriages but he sounded sincere so I went for it,he also has 3 grown up sons from his marriage which live with his wife, and I have a 13 year old daughter but I'm a single mother.
5 months after we started dating I got pregnant with his son and although we didnt't plan for chidren we were both abit worried but then as time went by we got very happy but then suddenly he didn't want to go to public places with me saying that he didn't want his sons to know about the baby and about me but in the beginning we used to go out publicly and I was very happy and he seemed happier to,but then it felt boring not going out and it caused stress.
We were arguing more and I still can't figure out what made him loose interest in me and my son to this day he doesn't want to sweak to me anymore,
Any suggestions please??