I was dating a married man with 2 small children for 2+ years. He moved out in January but about 6 weeks ago he started distancing himself. Fewer phone calls, texts, emails, etc. I was busy and didn't notice it until a couple of weeks ago. He's now cut off contact without explanation and I'm devastated by the lack of closure. I can't seem to get beyond this. I knew that if/when we stopped seeing each other it would be painful. 90% of the relationship has been difficult, but the 10% of happiness has kept me at it.

I've had to do a lot of work to get my head around this relationship and see and accept exactly was wrong with me to begin with. I realize I have no business being a victim because I was totally selfish for even going there in the first place. I know I have been fighting a losing battle because stuff like this just isn't meant to work out when it gets so painful. I accept that I was wrong in all of this. In trying to see my part and gain clarity I am stuck on how it ended. I am relieved that it has, but now spend way too much time focusing on why I don't know the entire truth. After all is said and done I know there is a part of me and my entitlement that feels as if I should know why he stopped. I just want to put this to rest, heal, and move on with my life.

Why would he cut it off without explanation?