Hi there,

so I met this guy a year ago and we talked for about 10 months before we really went out together and eventually started dating. We're not teens by any means, just as a disclaimer from the title, as I'm 30 and he is 27. I found out that at some point in the time we had talked that he had a girlfriend, which he never told me about. By the time I'd found out, they had broken up and he was pursuing me. I let this go but kept it in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to this past weekend, we've only been together for two months.. he had been on his phone while I studied and when I took a break I pressed the button to make the time appear because I only take them for ten minute intervals. Anyway, texts and snapchats appeared from this girl. I said nothing, continued on with my day. That night her name appears again while we're out for my girlfriend's birthday dinner. I later confronted him about it, asking who she was. Long story short, while he was with his last girlfriend he was talking to this other girl and I. He texted her things about how beautiful she was, just days in to our relationship, how sorry he was about her dog passing, asking her how her day was, all of this. Apparently he had feelings for her before as well but chose me. They also sent each other the most snapchats, according to the app. Anyway, I told him we were done, to get out of my house, etc. He cried, told me they were just friends, says he realizes what he said was flirty and so on. Deleted over 1000 accounts of skanky women or random girls he followed on instagram, deleted snapchat, both of which I never asked him to do. Bought me flowers and basically begged me to give him a second chance.

Do I leave him? He was unbelievable and how in to me he was was very clear from the start. I don't know what to do.. thoughts? I understand people have friends of the opposite sex, I really do but telling them they're hot/gorgeous/ have amazing eyes, they're so cute etc that is not OK. Thanks for any insight!