My boyfriend of 6 months is just about perfect. He treats me like a queen and is always doing and saying the sweetest things. Its just the type of person he is. I heard from my best friend that my boyfriend is cheating on me with a girl at her work. However he won't admit he. I have talked to this girl also and at first she admitted it and then said she lied. Im sure he called her to tell her to lie. Anyway I refused to speak to him for a few days otherwise I may have killed him. His crying and begging for days and showing up where ever I go I guess got to me and I took him back. I still bring it up and he still swears nothing happened but he doesn't care if he has to hear about it as long as he is with me. I went against my better judgment staying with him and after being cheated on by every boyfriend just about, I swore no man would do it again and stick around. I Love my boyfriend and want things to work out with us but I KNOW he cheated I feel it in my head my heart and my gut and being with him isint sitting well with me. BUT I don't want to leave him. Im so confused.