I don't know what to do my boyfriend we been going off and on for about a year because he had cheated on me than I got pregnant I was 9weeks when I lost my baby I think it was stree because of him with these females he say he love me I believe him but thani don't believe him and the reason why I put up with him is because he was my first babydaddy and I still love him but don't get me wrong I did my dirty but the reason I did my dirtyb was that he cheatedon mea lot of times but we do love each other but I still be ing with him we still havesex and I still talk 2 niggas and he talk 2 hoes but I love him but I don't and I think am pregnant but am not sure yet what do u think ishould do?? But whatever I need he giveit to me man damn I don't know what to do HELP!!