Ok so me and this guy had a thing going for awhile. But when it all started he was dating one of my best friends of like 5 years. So we would go out for breakfast and hang out just the two of us and then one day we did more and he cheated on his girlfriend. She found out and they broke up. He stopped talking to me and the girl and me talked and got on good terms again. Then he started talking to me again like late night phone calls and stuff. Found out later that it was just because he liked me for the stuff more than me. Well that all changed and we ended up dating for like a month but then he broke up with me well it was mutual but he did the actual breaking up. But he keeps calling me every night just like we used to and asks what I'm doing tomorrow and how my day was annd if I want to go to breakfast. See I would be over him by now but we talk every night even the night we broke up he called me what should I do cause I have no idea what this all means.