Vive La Difference!

By Carol Allen
Published: 09/29/2006 Send This Article To a Friend

"Why can't a woman be more like a man?" asks the protagonist in the Broadway hit, "My Fair Lady." Most women sing a similar tune all day, asking, "Why can't a man be more like a woman?"

Well, why can't they?

The women's movement asserted that men and women are equal which led most people to assume that we are, therefore, the same. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Science is proving more and more that there are tremendous differences between the brains of men and women - differences that impact the way we think, react, process, prioritize, and behave. Women have a larger speech center in the brain than men do making women more talkative, for example (like you hadn't noticed), while men have larger visual and sexual centers, making it difficult for them to not ogle and fantasize about the cute waitress taking your order. Women in crisis are naturally hormonally designed to reach out to one another, while men's hormones actually block their ability to connect to others at times of high stress, hence sending them to their "caves." These simple differences (and so many more) are hardwired into men and women and are not the result of our culture, childhood, or environment. Instead, much of the roots of this "hardwiring" is physiologically in place within weeks of conception. Once understood, men and women can find more understanding and appreciation for one another - no longer misinterpreting their differences to be "disconnects" or personal affronts. The good news is that these very differences are something to be celebrated and embraced, allowing two complimentary skill sets and ways of being to form a more fulfilling union.

Relationship expert Alison Armstrong is highly versed in the opposing strengths and weaknesses of both men and women. She was first motivated to discover why she and so many of her friends found men to be so wonderful initially, only to have them soon morph into "beer-belching couch slugs." One day she realized she was a "frog farmer" - a woman who turned princes into frogs. Alison became inspired, seeing for the first time that perhaps she could have an impact on how men reacted to her. So she set out on a mission to understand men, which has culminated in the creation of several seminar programs, books, and CD's, under the banner of her national company, PAX Programs Inc. helping thousands of women for over a decade (and more recently men) learn to be successful with one another in a way they never imagined was possible.

So this week on "Enlightening Relationships" join Alison and me as we contemplate the uniquely special worlds of men and women, and how the two can come together - answering such questions as how to more powerfully maneuver dates, shared responsibilities, lasting attraction, and mostly - how to turn that prince into a benevolent king who will forever treat you like his queen!

So polish your tiara, tune in, call in, and be enlightened!