I've been with this girl for a little over a year now and I love her and she's awesome, she could easily pose for playboy or FHM or some other trash mag (and getting her PhD, by the way). Anyhow, we talk about getting married all the time, but I have such a hard time getting over some stuff in her past-Mainly- Did coke 7/8 times in college. Made out with other girls several times at the bar. Lost her virginity at age 15. Used to smoke pot daily. Did a bikini contest at the bar. All this took place before we were together (not very long before), but I still have a maaaaajor issues when considering this girl for my wife. Someone please help me decide if I'm being ridiculous or if this girl was one to date, not to marry. FYI- She's 23, I'm 24, we met in college, we're both Catholic (although I'm a little more devout that her)