I've been with my girlfriend since last May and at first it was great, we both couldn't be apart and we made each other laugh. We both liked to hug and kiss each other but now it seems like that's all changed.

It started in December when I lost my job. Obviously I couldn't spend as much money so we didn't go out as much, but that didn't seem to matter. She helped me try and find some more jobs, but they weren't being successful.

Then just before new year I met up with her to take her to mine to stay the night but she was feeling well so I asked if she wanted to go back home. She started shouting at me and asked me to go away, which after a while I did. We met up later though that night and did go back to mine but she then complained that I left her. I didn't want to but she kept arguing with me so I felt like I had no choice.

Then at New Years I couldn't meet her because of lack of transport and because she wouldn't be back till about 5. She suggested I went to my mum's which I did. Later on though she complained that I should have gone over to her's before I went to my mum's. Believe me if I could I would but I didn't think that was possible as I would only be with her for a few minutes before I had to leave again.

To make things worse she lost her job just after new year and so we were both unemployed. We both have been helping each other to try and find jobs and recently I found one although she is still unemployed.

She has been getting edgy over little things recently and we have been arguing more. Also she never seems to wants me to hold her or kiss her and it just makes me feel like I'm not good enough.

I do love her I always have but I don't feel like she does me. She is going through hard times and she still talks a lot to me and we do have a laugh at times but it's not like it was

I used to see her every day after I finished work, but now I hardly ever do because she says there's nothing to do so don't bother coming over. Even at weekends she won't see me unless she gets to stay which isn't possible at all times.

Then I got a text yesterday saying she's thinking of finishing me because she wants to be single and have a life. She complained that I text her every day (which is true, but she does the same with me). I don't know what to do, I tried to text her to ask if we can talk but she just complained that I text her so much. What should I do