I am 16 and my girlfreind is the same age, I just took her virginity (yes I am sure) a few days and we had had sex Tuesday before skool, everything seemed fine, then Friday, she acts different, She called me, and was real quite and kind of nonchalant, So I was asking questions about how she felt about the relationship, everything was "I don't know", so I was like do you still want to be with me, she said "I don't know", she says she jsuts wants to be single, I called her this morning ( a day later), and Asked her is she going to have sex with others, she said hell no, I asked her was the vagina still mine, she said yeah, I asked her if she still loved me, she said yes, I also asked has she lost love she said no.

But when I ahad talked to her yesterday, I asked her did her decision have anything to do with boys, she says no, she siad she was sure, but I was like do you wan tto see other guyss yesterday, she said "i don't kno", like every answer was "I do n't kno"

Recently her grades were kind of bad, and she is the team manager for jv basketbaLL so how should I feel about her decision, is she going to cheat on me, is it really because of the boys, or is she stressed and really needs sumtime, she said she wants to be single now, but wants us to be friends, what does that mean, if she still loves me the same, still everything is the same, I don't know guys, I need help

Also we have been together 3 months, Its weird that I took her virginity last week, we had sex again then, 3 days later she wants to be single, what could it be?