Hi I've been going out with my girlfriend for only 2 and a half months she split up with her boyfriend who she was going out with for two years in November and we started going out in early February at the beginning of our relationship up until a couple of weeks ago she was so affectionate to me sending me texts all the time and always so she loved me and we always spoke about our future and we were getting serious and we were happy, she said I was the one. The last couple of weeks she's changed she's become less affectionate and really moody towards me we spoke about it and she said that "i will never be happy because I'll never love as much as I did my first love however she also she didn't want to get back with him, she then said she needed space and hates me calling her and its as if she would prefer to see her friends than me I never controlled her to say never go and see friends. She then said that she loved me but didn't think she was in love with me but she still wants to be with me however she has said that she didn't know whether she was ready for a relationship and said we were going to fast. During the easter holidays I saw her a lot nearly everyday and she said she feels its like a schedule and she has hinted at having a break from me but I'm not sure if she wants that, she's sending mixed signals I love this girl and I want to make this relationship work please help!