Okay guys I've been with my girlfriend for a year and a half now we agreed to get engaged and though about the future , we had our ups and downs of course , we had fun and we had fights . When she was young her parents divorced and her dad used to cheat on her mom etc... So we had a small stupid fight and because of this fight she told me that she is not a relationship person because of her parents and she needs some time to fix this (she said she becomes angry at me for no reason because of her parents) and that she still loves me and she will be back she just needs time to fix this anger thing inside of her ( she is doing psychology so she is seeing a psychiatrist if it changes anything ), so its just a time off for her to fix this problem with her and she'll move back in (she didn't take all her stuff ) any help please ? I really love my girl and I don't want to lose her so please help me ! Thanks!