I am 24 years old and my (ex)girlfriend is about to turn 22 we have been together 4 months. I know it seems short but we both felt something true and real that we have never felt before. We both agree that our relationship has been amazing the whole time, constantly getting better and better. We held back from having sex so that we could really get to know each other as people. We are very compatible in all ways. We have both honestly declared each other as best friends. We are both very intelligent, open minded, mature people. We find things in each other that we don't find in people in general. There were no sings of it ending any time soon. To this day we are both overwhelmed by how amazing the other is and we both agree that we are amazing together.

Overnight she decided she couldn't be in a relationship anymore. She told me that nothing has changed about how she feels about me. She still loves and adores me. She told me that everything was perfect but in the back of her mind she was afraid that it wouldn't work out. Not for any reason, she was just afraid. Then she says she can't deal with the stress of a relationship right now, even though our ralationship was very unstressfull. We both fully respected eachother's needs for space and personal freedom. We never argued and never got irritated about frivolous things. When ever we are together we are full of life and excitement sometimes laughing out loud about how amazing it is. There is no doubt in my mind that she truly loves me and understands all of this to be true.

She told me that it doesn't make sense why she is feeling this way and she agrees that we are perfect for each other.
She says she just needs to figure herself out.

Now that we have broken up (2 days ago) she seems very content with her decision. I fully respect her own personal needs. Im just confused. I don't know if its truly over or if this is just a phaze and time will bring us back together. I feel that it all comes down to her fear of it not working out so she nipped it in the bud to avoid bigger pain later. I feel that she is throwing away a perfect relationship that she can't accept.

We are still best friends and still see each other but its different
If there is a chance of us getting back together, what should I do? I love her