Hi all. Thanks in advance for reading and responding to this. My now ex GF and I had been together for just shy of 6 months. We met things were very intense and moved quickly we both felt and communicated that we thought we were made for each other. We had no problem seeing ourselves grow old together. About 3 weeks ago she started to be really sad and distant. We I talked to her about it she said she felt like a horrible person because she felt she couldnít do anything without me. She said she regrets past decisions about finances and her job, decisions that she made prior to us knowing each other. She regrets not having more friends. She said that she feels she is not good enough for me that one day I will wake up and leave her. I told her constantly throughout our relationship that she is loved and a talented beautiful person with unlimited potential. A couple days ago she told she loved me and wanted to be with me. Well less then 24hours later she came over and after a long talk decided she couldnít be with me right now. While she was telling me this she was sobbing and very upset. I remained calm and told her that she needs to do what is best for her. Now I miss the heck out of her. I feel I didnít do anything wrong and that she is throwing a really good thing away. But I still miss her. I donít know what to do. We broke up 3 days ago Iím 25 she is 23.