I've seen this kind of questions a lot but this feels a bit different...

I've been in a relationship about 5 years now and we're both 19. I know we've started dating very young but we broke up once about year ago. We were almost two months apart and came back together because we figured out it was a terrible mistake to broke up. Well it was mostly my stupidity because I wanted to see how life was when I was single. It wasn't that good. I missed her.

Unfortunately, after we came back together and had a lovely year, about month ago my girlfriend said that she doesn't know if she wants to be single and she is very confused with her thoughts. She still loves me and this has nothing to do with any other guy and I trust her.

I discussed with her and I listened her. She feels like she wants to have time alone and be free and all kind of that stuff. She didn't know what to do because broking up may be a mistake due to her. She said "this phase could go away".

Even though I was in a great shock and terrified, I understood. After all things said I figured out it's best to give her total space and stop communicating but my girlfriend still wants to see once a week. During this horrible month I've seen her once a week because that is what she wanted and I haven't said much to her except when I'm with her of course. By the way we still are in this relationship 'like normal'.

I've avoided the big question "how does she feels about this" for a month and now I did ask it. She said that right after she told me about this whole "wants to be single" thing she felt like she DOESN'T want to be single. After couple of weeks from that she became uncertain AGAIN and she needs more time to figure herself out.

I'm calm and patient and I can give her time to herself, no problem. But I'm not going to wait forever that's for sure. I love her and don't really want to break up. I've said everything that had to be said and I've given her time to herself. This just kills me.

I need your help. Any kind of advice would be great.

What should I do? Is it over?