We have been together for more than a year now. I can swear she is the perfect girl for me and she loves me a lot too.
It is three years now since she broke up with her ex.
First I would tell myself it is natural to take time to settle down. Even with all the love I can give her, sometimes I get troubled with the way she has mood swings when she recalls her past. 'He was the wrong person to have fallen in love with', and she 'broods over her past', she tells me. Certain music playing or anything related to him would make her fall back into gloom.
I asked her to share her feelings and memories with me, which make her sad. But she won't, says I will get hurt. Recently, when I asked her to forget her past, she was hurt so I didn't probe any further.
This pinches me a lot that she has to live so much on her past. It particularly hurt me when she said,"I don't think I can put in my heart and soul into our relationship."...
Is it so difficult to get over the past? Would she ever forget him? Erase her memories? Would he always be a 'special Someone' for him. Or Is it perhaps that she is still in love with him unknowingly?