Hi Guys,

I have been dating a girl for a bit over 6 months now and I have a minor problem. When we started our relationship she told me that she is not a very emotional person. This is something that picked up more than I thought it would. She hardly ever hugs me, hold me or kisses me out of her own. I know I do it quite often and sometimes she gets annoyed with it because she is busy doing something or I just plainly "hang onto her". She on the other hand hardly ever shows affection. I am a sensitive (and very romanticly driven) guy and this is something that is important to me. I have spoken to her about his and she just said that this is who she is. I think there might be an additional underlaying insecurity that I need to mention and that is that she was engadged in her previous relationship.

How do I overcome this? I would love for her to show me how much she loves me through romantic things (like I do for her).