This is my first time in these forums... I was hoping some of you could shed some light on my situation.. I have been having some trouble with.. I won't get into all the details but I will give you a brief run down.

My girlfriend and I were dating steady for close to 5 months... we were friends before that. Everything was going 100%... we rarley argued and shared many common interests... we also got along very well with the parents. I was also very good to her and was always there for her. Until recently she came to me and said she needed to take break from the relationship. She said she needs time to figure things out. Should I avoid all contact with her? Even though there were no problems or we never fought ? But I always showed her respect, she said nobody ever treated her as well as I do... and she doesn't want to put me though any b/s while she figures things out. Before she left we said she loves me very much.

I am confused... at 1st I contacted her now and then via msn and emails... she keeps saying how bad she feels about doing this.. but it's something she has to do. I told her I want to give her the space she needs and I respect her decision. I hope things work out for us... Should I avoid all contact? I just find it hard since we talked daily and communicated well.