My girlfriend and I have been together for six months. I know for some of you it might not seem like long, but I see her everyday and spend a ton of my available time with her. In all that time I've come to love her madly, I swear I have. She says she has too, and I believe her. If you don't believe that what we are experiencing is love, lets call it a very strong like. Anyway recently we've been talking about this camp she went to last summer, and about this one guy she met there. She started having feelings for him too, eventually love/like him apparently. She told me they both liked each other, and told each other about it, but didn't do anything because she didn't want to hurt me (no cheating on me). Now she's back with me and loves me, and does not plan to dump me to go for the other guy. It took a lot of courage from her to tell me about this and I really appreciate that, she couldve very well kept it as a secret. But she chose to tell me, which I think is very good, even though I hate this, I'm glad she did tell me after all. I definitely don't want to lose her either. I feel like if I break up with her over this not only will it break my own heart, it will break hers too. The problem is she talked to him every single day, talked on the phone with him and everything. She's had made plans to go visit him (they were canceled since they don't have the same vacation times(the problem is that she had intentions of going over there) and stuff like that since he lives far away (maybe the reason she doesn't dump me for him?). I feel uncomfortable with everything about him, even though I'm sure he's a really cool and nice guy. I asked her who she would choose, she said when she is with me, she would choose me, but she she is with the guy, she would choose him. So to me it seems like she prefers the other guy but doesn't want to tell me because she doesn't want to hurt me more than she already has. So I don't know what to do about this. I don't want things to change between me and her, yet I really hate having to think about her having feelings for another guy. I told er that if she wants to keep me, she has to cut all connection with the other guy. She has, yet I've caught her twice already talking to him, not really a big deal because its over 3 week period but still. She claims to have used those times to explain the situation to him but I have a hard time believing that. She also claims to have gotten over him already only in 2 weeks(its been a month since I know). I don't think ill ever feel quite comfortable with them even being just friends. Any advice? Thanks.