I am in a 2 month girl relationship with a girl for whom I fell in head over heels. About 3 weeks back, we were talking and she mentioned that about a year back, she smoked pot with her brother. I was naturally quite alarmed so I asked her if it was only a one time things. She assured me that it was only a one time thing and that she would never do anything like that again and she is really ashamed of it, even if it happened only once. Drugs are for losers and low lives, you know?

It so happens that through a series of unfortunate events, I found out that she lied to me. And I don't know how to deal with it. I think she might still be doing it, her wall shows a few instances of her friends >>saying let's have some "chocolate" hint hint<<.

I really don't know how to deal with this. I am quite appalled and disgusted by her activities, but I guess people do do it. What alarms me more, however, is that she would lie to me about it. My trust feels totally broken, my heart is speeding at 140 beats per minute and I don't feel mad, but let down and upset. How do I know if this is the only thing she's lied to me about?

How do I talk about it with her? I really want to give this relationship a chance, because it meant the world to me. Now I'm not so sure. And how do I fight her addiction? She's only 15. I'm 16. I really don't know what this all is, but I do know that it is not right. Should I get her parents involved? That would ruin it all, however. Tough love? She wouldn't understand, I don't think.

Please help. I'm lost. Distraught. Crying.