Hey guys,

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for about a year now, we're both 21. I'm not the jealous type but I really hate being lied to. So about a month ago, I told my girlfriend that I deleted all of my ex's from facebook/myspace/AIM/MSN/phone, etc... She was happy and said that she would do the same.

A month later my friend tells me that my girlfriend has been talking to her ex again. My friend told me that they don't talk a lot, but they talk now and then. I recently asked her if she did, and she confidently said "no".

Why would she lie to me. I hate the fact that she would tell me that she would stop talking to all her ex's and do it. I would have been fine if she told me she would still talk to them, but the fact that she lied to me is killing me right now.

Why do I feel jealous?
Why am I feeling hurt?
I honestly can't focus, and I honestly don't know what to do.
I got this sick feeling in my stomach.

Any help would be great.
Thanks guys.