:eek: I have been with my girlfriend for four years. I am 27 and she is 24. Never in that time has she shown any indications that she wanted to kiss another girl or view other females in a sexual fashion. Also, in 4 years neither of us have cheated and we trust each other completely.

She got very drunk at a party last week and another co-worker asked to share her toilet (in a busy night club). She then apparently kissed my girlfriend and I guess she liked it or was curious because they kissed another three times that night and at 4am in the morning my girlfriend told her that she felt it was all too weird and they both went home. The next day my girlfriend called up this other woman who denied anything ever happened.

Three days later my girlfriend asks for a break straight out of the blue. Myself and her family were shocked as we did not see that coming! She said she was confused about her life and needed time to think things through. I stayed strong for three days and let her call me and on the 4th day she said she definitely wanted to be with me. She seemed a little strange though and when I sensed something was wrong I pressed for a reason and she told me what happened. I was shocked as I guess as I never thought she would do anything like that!

Please understand, in 4 years I have never known her to flirt with another man let alone kiss someone else. We have had absolute trust and it has made our relationship really meaningful. I guess I'm just confused as to how I'm supposed to feel about this. Her Mother and I had a chat the other night and I told her what happened. Even she said don't worry about it, if she didn't cheat with a guy there is nothing to worry about!

My questions are:

-Has anyone else had a Gf who has done this?

-Should I consider this cheating?

-She absoluted cringes when I ask her if she is Bi or Lesbian. She says it was just an experience and she would not do it again... Should I have faith that she won't or do girls continue this behaviour once they have done it once?

Please help. Because she is a Flight Attendant she is constantly surrounded by good looking girls and now every time she hangs out with other girls after her days are done I feel kind of strange! Lol