A little background to begin with. My girlfriend texts me all day saying how much she loves me and misses me and can't wait to see me. Even today she asked me to go to where she works so she could just hold me for an hour since we hadn't seen each other in 3 days. Anyway, I went and she got upset about me not telling her the day before that her shirt was revealing everything when she bent over. We had a dance class together during our lunch hours and I noticed at the beginning of class, but by the time class was over and we were parting ways so we could get back to work, I had forgotten about it. So, she got mad that I "allowed" her to go through the day not realizing it. So she just go out of my car and walked into her work and has ignored me ever since. Every time she gets upset about anything she does this. Won't answer texts for hours. Is this her way of dealing with things or something else, because it all it does is really make me angry and the longer she goes ignoring me the more angry I get at her because I feel as though it is childish and immature behavior.

In addition, we do not argue about anything. She just tends to get upset at things like this that I don't understand why, but some things just make her mad that wouldn't bother me at all, nor female friends of mine that I have run the scenarios by. Finally, she will text eventually and act like nothing happened. As if OK she is over it now I can talk to her again.

I should have said that we hadn't seen each other for the exception of a 1 hour dance class the day prior.