My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years. About early December last year she became very distant and that's when she admitted to me she does not feel anything more me any more. She kept things from me like she went out drinking with her friends one night so I would not get mad at her. Then finals were over and we were back at home for a month as happy as we could be, she said she loved me and we had a great time and everything was normal except for one fight where she freaked out over something stupid. Then we finally get to school again and she does the same routine where she ignores me and does not want to hang out with me/ avoids hanging out with me. Then after a week or so I ask why the hell are you not spending any time with me and ignoring my calls? She apologized crying said she was a bad girlfriend and said she needed to take a break. We took a break for a couple days and were still talking a decent amount, eventually I felt she wanted out so I said do what makes you happy, so I let her break up with me and it took her a while to do it because I was right in front of her and she didn't want to say it. Also mind you when we decided to take a break the first time she once again said she does not love me. But she says she cares about me than almost anyone and that she wants me in her life always. So it has been a week since we broke up, I tried texting her here and there about random things but she says every text message and every time we talk kills her inside because she knows how much she has hurt me, mind you she has been starving herself and has lost more than 8lbs in the past week or so. There we were night after the break up when we talked on the phone both crying and she says she wants to get back together with me down the road and we both said we miss each other. It has been a week and I have been browsing through these forums and I feel like wow, I thought what me and my girlfriend has was special, she seriously wanted to marry me last year, but I feel like she is the same as every girl out there. So do you people think that this break up is for real and she wants to move on with her life? What should I do? I almost left out the most important part, when she broke up she said no sex with other girls... I mean do you think she said that just because she is hurting now or because she thinks we have a shot down the road? If we break up for good I am not staying as her friend and I will cut her out of my life.

Thanks for any advice.