Ok I don't usually resort to the internet for advice but I'm desprate and I need some real opinons on my problem.PlEaSe HeLp Me
Ok me and my Girlfriend have been going out for 4 months now and I've been thinking she mite be the girl for me.I know that's a bit KrAzY since were both only 16 and have a lot ahead of us.
Well yeah we hadn't gone even 2 days without seeing each over up until last Thursday when she blew me off for her Friend(:confused: ) Jenet and she had already told me she had plans for Friday night with jenet and some of her other freinds(Total Sluts).So that's 2 days no biggy I know it was bound to happen eventually.Now on Saturday night she was busy with jenette again.I would text her but she seemed to be real discrete and not tell me anything e.g. Wat you up to tonight babe-Nothing just hanging out with freinds( Total Sluts).Also both nights when I text her where are you she said back ohh I've gota go good nyt babe.Thats at 8 20ishWTF.Now on Sunday after Recovering from her past 2 hangovers we were talking on the phone and she told me she had Kissed jenet:eek: .I Asked how that happened but she wouldn't exsplain or let me come and see her that day.

Now she came and saw me yesterday and she had hickys all over her neck(Jenet arrgh).She said she'd given jenet them as well.Now I still classifie that as cheating even though they were both trolleyed.Now I'm concerned that she actually had sex with some guy.Wouldnt surprise me seeing the way we met was both being drunk walking down the street at night and she pursued me into having sex with her in a near by park even though she had a boyfriend at the time.
When I said to her how do I know jenet gave you those she started getting really angry and deffencive blurting out stuff about me not trusting her but when I said I was convinced she was back to normal with seconds .Now Jenet would be the perfect excuse because she once told me she hooked up with jenet and I showed excitement towards the idea as any male would.

I made it clear to her how I feel about cheating many times and we both Love each other a lot.Im really confused all these things running through my head.Did I mention she was a Total Slut Before we went out and well she still might be.Please someone what should I do I love her so much but this changes everything and I don't know if I can trust her cause she's a really good liar and actor.Nothing like this has every happened before.She told me she wants to be with me fore the rest of her life a lot.Im really wanting to dump her but I love her.