We dated for 2 1/2 years. Never a rocky relationship. It has mostly been long distance but she lived with me for about 10 months. She basically pulled the rug out from under me, for she came to visit over the holidays for 3 weeks and never said anything to me about not being happy. 3 days later she started acting not like herself. Couple days after that she told me she needs space. We are still in contact with each other, but she won't give me any answers on getting back together. She just says the book is not written on us yet and it will take time. Days go by like weeks Ive lost 15 lbs and can't sleep. Im still in shock... why did this happen. After talking to others she made it very clear to other people that we were having problems, but NEVER to me. I was the only one who did not know. Its so painful what should I do? I so want her back I will do anything.