My girlfriend broke up with me 7 weeks ago and the last contact I had with her was 6 weeks ago... I've been told to stay cool and just give her needed space, and heal myself... what to do?
We had been together coming on to 3 years. At the start of the relationship I had played around a bit, as I had just come out of another relationship and wasn't sure about her, and I owned up to this at the start of this year, which she didn't take well as her dad had left her mum, for another woman when she was a kid. She was also having therapy for claustrophobia which she suffers acutely - and a lot of stuff about her relationship with me came up in these sessions. It wa safter these sessions that she had the realisation! To leave me.
Anyway, I'm still living at my parents and she lived with her mum. We had made no concrete plans to move in together, she also thought my dad didn't like her which was untrue.
So when she broke up with me she said our relationship was going nowhere , my dad didn't like her, and she just basically had a feeling in her heart that we would not last. She's 28 and I'm a bit older.
I explained to her that I loved her - I wanted to marry her, my dad did like her, and I had been saving to buy a place for us to live in together next year. She was shocked, and said she needed some time to think. Anyway she came back 2 days later and said the feeling in her heart wouldn't go away and she needed to break up with me. She was crying her eyes out, she said she loved me more then anything in the world and I was her best friend. I was in bits straight after and text her that I missed her the next week. She called back crying and said the feeling in her heart wouldn't go - and that she didn't mind if I started dating other people. That hurt. She also told me to call or text her if I ever needed to talk.
Anyway I think of her everyday and my life feels so incomplete - it's been 7 weeks no contact. Everything is tinged with sadness and everything reminds me of her. I wake up everyday and think of her, it really hurts, I thought she was the one for me. My mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer during this time (non invasive at the moment thank GOD, please say a prayer!), and a part of me has wanted to tell her but I haven't as I feel it would be manipulative.
Most people say to me to let go now and if she is meant to come back into my life it will happen, otherwise maintain no contact, so I can heal. I love her and miss her, I know she loves me, but she think we cannot be - I don't understand it at all, maybe I don't need to... hmmm

What do most people think? Thanks guys...