I have been dating my girlfriend for over 3 years, and the majority of our relationship is going great. We have one of those relationships where we spend a lot of time together and still have lots of things to talk about. We make little sacrifices for each other, and in general the relationship is very give and take. However, it's a different situation when it comes to intimacy. We are both Catholic and choose not to have intercourse. However, we are not the most prudish people on earth, and up until a year ago, we would participate in other non-intercourse activities when the moment would arise. Recently, my girlfriend has had no desire to be intimate. This really bothers me, because I can't help but feel like she's just not interested in me anymore. I've tried approaching this different ways, but none have seemed to resolve it. The first thing I tried was talking to my girlfriend about it. Basically, that just got us nowhere. She said she didn't know why her sex drive went away and she doesn't know what we can do to fix it. The next thing that happened was I tried ignoring the situation. The more I think about it, the more it angers me, so logically if I don't think about it, I won't get angry. This has been my mode of operation for the past few months, but clearly it's not working anymore, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this thread. The non sexual aspect of our relationship is great and we do spend a lot of good honest quality time together. The more we do though, the stronger my sexual feelings for her become. It's to the point where I've been tempted to end the relationship because of it, but I know that it would be a big mistake. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks