Me an my girlfriend have been in a relationship for around 7 months.
We moved really quickly within a month we where living together. At first it scared me an I was skeptic that it was the right thing but she was sue she was truly in love with me.
In the beginning of Oct. We went out of state for my cousins wedding I was her Man of honor.
2 days after we arriced we got the message her mother had fallen ill possibly a stroke. The next day they said her conditions we getting better an that night she was awake.
Well a few days later she became unresponsive the day of the wedding while I was in the church preparing. She calls me saying she has to leave to go home.crying and upset, I ask her to come to the church to talk. When she arrives I ask her to please wait till the morning an I would go with her. She gets very upset so I tell her the is enough money in the car to make it back home but she would be leaving me an a friend in a hard situation to get home because it is a 1000 miles away. She ask for some extra money an I knew that I didn't have much to spare so at first I said no,then I felt bad so I das OK but pleaded that we wait till morning and all leave together.
She agreed and left the next morning. Her mother never woke back up we where at the hospital everyday for 2 weeks watching her mother depend on life support She passed away.
An my girlfriend is holding a grudge toward me, that I didn't do what I should have, that I should have made her leave sooner. Its been 3 weeks since her funeral an she told me last week that she loved me but was not in love with me. And she wanted a break because she cannot grieve her mothers death yet. She has a daughter and I have become very attached to her which makes it so much harder. We first tried the break a few days ago.
It lasted a few hours and she wanted me to come back. A few days later I was upset because I felt she didn't love me an I didn't know how to understand my situation. An so I decided to give her the break. Last night was our first night apart on the break but I was with her up until I took her an the little one home for bed. An she had not changed her mind she still didn't want me their.I don't understand how can she want a break but still want to talk an me to be around until its night time.So today I decided that I cannot handle being a toy to have around when needed that I was going to cut off all talk an contact possible.. Am I making the right choice here? She says she loves me and doesn't want to loose me an wants to get married someday but needs space right now, her daughter ask me why I am leaving an I cannot tell her the truth. She thinks I am having to leave on Army business.. I told my girlfriend I loved her more than life itself an would do whatever it took to make us OK again that I would fight to make sure she knows I love her.. But I feel like my soul has been ripped from me I feel hollow an I feel pain where my heart should be.. am I doing the right thing or is their something else I can do... should I expect the end?