If a girl express her love... but she cannot do anything for his boyfriend. She make things which are hurtful. She cares in heart but do not express, if she do not think of what ll hurt me and what makes me happy. If even she afraid of being alone with me, if she express their emotions on mobile phone while can't do anything and real. If she afraid of that nobody should know about our love, If in real you don't feel like she loves you instead of the emotions shown by her on mobile phone. So 'll you trust that girl that she loves me or not?
Its quite difficult to understand her, If she pray for me but do not care of me and real because she afraid of people around. If she makes things like which she can't do it for me but make it done for others. She loves me or love one for which she do things but do not express me that she is doing that for her but its natural. So I'm confused... please help me you all please *** plzzzzzzzzzz