Is it just me, or is there anyone else out there who gets attached to people way too easily?

It's bad enough that I am the fussiest person ever when getting with someone and when I finally find someone who I think is 'good' enough and reaches my standards (vain I'm not, but come on, we all have them)... I get far too attached, very fast.

I was seeing someone for about 7 weeks recently... and I was so emotionally attached and I don't understand why or how? I didn't want to do anything for a whole 2 weeks other than drink, stay out, not go to college and I quit my part-time job!
(I have 2, its not like I completely cut myself off financially)

And I get really pissed off and annoyed because it's taken me months/time to find them and just always wishing we went back to the start when it was so perfect!

It's usually me that breaks up with people because I've gone 'off' them. But the fact that they basically broke it off with me makes me feel TEN TIMES more less in control over the situation which makes me feel 100 times worse!
I don't understand.

I'm 18. Does anyone else get like this! :(