I have been interested in a man for 5 months now and do not know how we stand. We dated a couple times in the first month and we get along great. Our dating turned into "hanging out" and watching TV, eating dinner but never any romance. We now are business partners. He is the owner and I am the manager of a jewelry business. We attend meetings together, he is always polite and listens/acts on my suggestions. He gave me a cell phone early on in our friendship and we share a plan now. I have fallen in love. How do I know he is interested other than the business. He DOES share personal info. With me about his family and asks me about my personal life. Sometimes he hugs me when I leave and sometimes he kisses my cheek. I want to spend time with him but he does not ask me out anymore. When we are together we get along great and I let him talk to his heart's content. I don't know what to do. Has he lost his interest or is he just being careful taking it slow? He also takes care of his Mom and works a job that is REALLY difficult and hard on his health. Help!