First off, I want to thank Val, Philly, and others who posted and gave their honest opinions on this topic.

I was recently in a very bad auto accident and spent nearly a week in the hospital and half of the time in a coma. My sister took my phone and tm'd everybody on my list about my condition and supplied them with daily updates. My Ex was still in my phone list and she got all of the updates and when word came out that I came to, she was one of the first to phone me.

She spilled her guts out to me and explained what was going on and why she broke up the way she did with me. She said that she had wanted to contact me for some time, but was afraid because of the length of time.

The first night we spoke for about 4 hours and we have been in contact with each other about everyday. I don't know what to think because she said she misses me and loves me. She also confessed that she cried everyday since I got into the accident and regrets her decision to "let me go".

I don't know what to think because she still has never told me about her "rebound relationship". What do you think her motives are? How would you proceed in my case? I still have feelings for her, but the only way I would get back together is if she agreed to seek counseling and therapy for her issues. I really do love her, and she is in my thoughts everyday regardless. Do you think I should let her know that I am aware of her current status or play along and see if she will eventually confess?

As always, I prefer straight forward and blunt responses. Don't forget that I was in a coma for 3-4 days and I might not be thinking right.