I fell in love with a beautiful woman at my original school, but she moved away the next semester because she didn't fit in. We did the long distance relationship for nearly eight months (our total time going out is thirteen months).

So, to show her how strong I felt about her and to try out a different college, I moved to her area of the state, we got a place together and now we are at the same school... happy in our relationship.

The problem is this though: I don't like this place. I have no friends, have little in common with those around me and if I go back to my original school (haven't transferred yet, just on a "visitation-level") I can finish sooner, enjoy myself much more and be... simply were I feel I belong. I don't want to lose her though. We have such a good relationship and if I leave, I think this time it will be too much for us to handle.

Thanks to whomever can help me. I need a clear voice to clear my head up. :-)

~ j