Ok... So my ex broke up with me, then the very next day he had a new and younger girlfriend that he claims he had never met until that night.. He kept telling me that he misses me and loves me and all the stuff that he would do different. He broke up with her the day after he came to see me and told me he was going to stay single for a while to concentrate on what he really wanted, but then he tells me that he wasn't going to be calling me until he made up his mind. But he said he was still going to talk to the other girl because she lives almost right next to him. The next day I find out he got back with her the same night and when I confronted him about it he started cussing me and telling me he didn't lie to me. But now he's trying to be friends with me. I don't know what to do. I love him so much, but I don't know if he's even worth talking to.
The thing that makes it so confusing is that he would tell me he loved me more than 50 times a day, he also sings and he made two songs about me and how we'd always be together and nobody will ever come between us. The last song he wrote was recorded a week before he broke up with me. In that one he wrote that even if he walks out he'll be coming right back to me because I'm the only one that makes him feel whole and all that crap.
But our relationship went bad because we never did anything together. Everything I suggested we did he didn't want to do.. But now that he's with this new girl he does all of it...
In my mind he still loves me, but since he has this new girlfriend that is younger and less mature I feel like he thinks that he'd be happier staying the her since there is less responsibilities and he isn't being pushed to better himself.
Is it really over or is there any chance of saving it and fixing our problems? If there is any chance in saving it; how am I suppose to deal with him already been with another girl since then?:confused: