I was in a one-year relationship with a woman and during it she dumped me 3 times. The first time she dumped me for a week after I wouldn't go to the beach with her family and I swore at her child(apologized for it no excuses). The next breakup came after I went through her cell reading her texts she had been having with an ex. After about a week she wanted to get back together again when she found out her ex was playing her.

The final breakup came without any apparent reason, she just told me she did not see us together in the future. I went on my way with no contact and about a month after that she texted me to say "hello" and hoped we could be friends sometime. I told her I was not interested or ready for a friendship with her. Another month passes and she contacts me on Facebook wanting to be friends. At this point I told her she could contact me if she needed me for anything but I ignored her Facebook friend request.

She then texted me a couple days after that asking if I wanted to hang out sometime and apologizing for everything and that her son told her he missed me. I told her I was moving from the east coast to the west coast in a couple months(true) but that we could do lunch before I left. She agreed and we made a date, well fast forward 2 weeks I never gave her a time and she texts me wanting to know if I still want to do lunch.

I told her I still would but to be honest I'm not certain if I should even bother. I mean I am leaving in a month and I can't figure out why in the world she even wants to see me knowing I will be 3000 miles away soon. Do you think she is trying to get back together with me but is so embarrassed because of breaking up with me 3x she won't come out and admit it?