We broke up about a month ago. Well, he broke up with me. I was devastated to say the least, and it was out of nowhere. I thought everything was perfect and our spark was picking up(We'd been dating for almost a year and a half).
I'm a complete hopeless romantic, and he's very logical. To be honest, we're almost complete opposites, but I liked that. He basically told me "we've both known from the start that we both have complete ideas on love. That's why. But we felt everything. It was real blah blah blah." (he thinks you can only truly love someone when you want to marry them, but you don't love someone at all while just dating in hs etc. Which is the weirdest thing to me)which I thought was crap but whatever. I just accepted his wanting to break up, even though I'm obviously not over it all. He keeps calling me, and told me he wants us to be "friends" and the other night he called "just to chill and talk". I'm tired of feeling like I'm being put on hold. WHY is he still calling if he says he doesn't like me anymore?