Hi Everyone - I was in a relationship with a guy for a month he had been chasing me for 4 months but I wasn't sure as didn't think a guy could like me that much..! We started seeing each other and would make sure to meet me 2 or 3 times a week and was really nice to me but he finished with me recently and said he was not ready for anything serious at the moment and said he really enjoyed our time together and wishes that he was over his ex.. and he said if it was a few months down the line it could have been different that it was bad timing, that he would love to be over his ex..

She called it off with him about 8 months ago as there was family death and she couldn't cope with having a boyfriend after that. I realised after he said this that I really liked him and that I have never meet anyone like him even after a month as we got to know each other very well and got close. I said I would see him around and he said of course we will meet out, and he might even buy me a drink. I would like your advice on what to do and what he is feeling?