Hi everyone.. let me give you the background... I was married at a very young age (18 yrs old) the marriage didn't last long (1 yr) only one good thing came out of it.. our daughter. This question has nothing to do with my ex-husband.
Ok, then I waited another year and began to date. I was involved in a 6 yr relationship. We didn't live together, but we saw each other everyday. He was around my daughter since she was 1.
We were still very young... I was 20 when we started to date and he was 21. We experienced good and bad things together. We argued a lot over silly things. After 6 yrs.. he broke us off. It hurt, but I moved on.
I recently got involved in a new relationship. I know I love my boyfriend. He's wonderful to my daughter. My family adores him.
In July, my ex boyfriend contacted me and I decided to meet him. We kissed. I know it was wrong. Something happened.. I felt as though all those feelings once gone were comning back.
We kept texting and sending emails here and there. I began to question if what I felt for my current boyfriend was in fact love... I could never forgive myself for keeping this from him. So I decided to be responsible for my actions and told my boyfriend what was happening and what I had done.
I stopped all communication with my ex boyfriend... but two weeks ago I get an email from one of his friends (through facebook) that He got married this month. I was shocked.. I thought I would finally be able to let go and move on.. instead I found myself crying like someone that died! I cried for an entire day... is that normal? Can someone relate to this at all? Thanks :)