Let me start by saying we dated back when I was 16.. I'm 28 now... Years past but he kept in touch every so often.. and I would tell him that it was funny that after all these years.. I still had love for him.. and he would tell me the same... But this year he sent me pictures of stuff I sent him when I was 16. All my letters and pictures he kept of me.. So he went to Florida to attend school.. And asked for me to come down to see him.. So needless to say I went down there.. He kind of hurt my feelings.. By telling everyone I was the love of his life at one point.. and he made sure he pointed out pictures of his new girlfriend.. which he never talked about before hand.. But it got heated and yes we did thing the whole time I was down there... he would ask if I missed him and I would say yes.. He would rub my face like he was holding a memory of some sort.. and put his arm around me saying if I knew how long he waited to hold me.. when I left I had asked him if he was single would he give me another chance he says yes.. but then it seems like every time.. I open my mouth I am saying something he doesn't like so then he won't speak with me until he feels like it.. and it's like two words.. I just don't know what I should do.. Should I just try to forget about him and move on.. He was my first love.. And I haven't been able to love someone like I loved him.. I am just not sure anymore!