During college, I met a guy when we were both going through break ups with our current boyfriend/ girlfriend. In the beginning we were friends, merely providing each other emotional support, but then we began crossing the line. We began to have sex with each other, and doing things that most people do in relationships, minus applying any labels and all. During the time, I knew, through Facebook of course, that he was still seeing his ex and that they were doing things together with their mutual group of friends. When I would confront him, he would just merely shrug it off and tell me that they were just friends. Fast forward three years, we are both faced with the decision to move back home, and of course, I was devastated. We both were from different states and I just knew that would be the end of it for us. Initially, we would meet up in our college state, hang out, and basically relive our college experience. We did this for about 6 months after college. After those six months, we both agreed that we were on separate paths, and that we should date around, and not wait for each other or anything else. So I started dating around and I let him know about it when he would call to keep in touch. After a year of not seeing him, we randomly met up again, and hooked up. All those feelings for him came back and I realized how much I cared for him. Turns out after five months of not talking to him, or having superficial talk, I return to my Facebook stalking ways, and I found out that he has been dating his ex girlfriend during the time that we hadn't been seeing each other. I confronted him about it. He admitted that they were dating, and that we couldn't talk to each other anymore... What should I do? Should I send a message to his ex girlfriend? The problem is that I am so insecure about our past, whether if he was seeing her during our stint, and now I just don't know what to do. Please help