I'm confusesd... he said he loved me more than anyone he had ever been with, and I had this huge affect on him, like no other, then he came home with this girl who hehad a couple of one night stands with years ago, they ran in to each other at a funeral this past may and ji went to his house and waited for him to come home, and he came in with her, she lied to me and said they were just friends from years ago, and she said she was leabing, she went outside and waited in the motor home for my ex, after he calmed me down I fell aslewpp and I awoke at 4;00 am and he wasn't in the hiouse, I went outsie and he was in the motor home scewingher,. she styaed in there while he broght me in the house totally trramautized by the ordeal, the cops came and took me home , he stayed with her for another 3 months, and then he came back to me told me he loved me , and I took him back again, said he didn't cafre about her,m and he was trying to set he upwith his best friend then,, but he got mad at me again, and the next night I saw her vehilce back at hisl place... he told me thedre was nomhbig love relationship going on there, and he would never move her in , she had three kids, but the mill is shut down now, and he can't afford his house now, so she was renting and she moved in 2 months ago, he told me she pays her way and then some,. and we talked on the phone for 2 hours I told him I still loved him and that I wasn't or hadn't been with anyone since he leeft me, he asked me aqbout other guys, if I was seeing anyone.. I told him no, I think I did the wrong thing, he said he would call me... havent hrard from him in 2 weeks... I still love him I hatew mysekf for still loving him... help any answers that can make me see the light abit here. Thanks