I need help with this. I met this guy in a game (sue me) and he was all into me and wanted to meet me IRL (he lives close, within 300 miles). He 'loves me' and so I 'loved him' and then he began talking about serious things: Marriage, sex, babies.. And something else, I'm not even straight. But he does not realize that I cannot be with him if I'm lesbian. Also, I cannot date because I want to do this cult thing (lol.. I want to work on a charity- help group and stuff that I plan on trying to make become giant)

So I have three reasons I can't date: I don't want to settle down, I'm not into males, and I have a lot of stuff to do.

But then I broke this to him, because I was feeling uncomfortable. Online 'dating' is OK, because it isn't that serious, but he wanted more. I broke it to him I don't want to be more than friends, and he's talking about stalking me and stuff. Like, hiring 'private investigators' to find me and he'll find my phone number and address. etc. I don't know how to handle this crap head. COuld you please give me suggestions? I know I could get police involved (I really am kind of freaked) but I just want to settle it myself. Thanks for any help ~.~

Oh yea. I'm 16 and he's 24. o0