What's going on with the world?? Everywhere I turn, men are becoming less and less assertive. I'm not talking about assertive as in arrogant pompous , but assertive as in actually making a decision sans drama. Ordering food, ordeal! Choosing what to do, ordeal! TELLING A WOMAN EXACTLY WHAT'S GOING THROUGH HIS MIND, ORDEAL!!

Geeezus!! I grew up with a sensibility of the old-fashioned way of doing things. On a date, I make the reservation, I drive, I pay. Not because I'm superior or sexist or trying to prove anything, but simply because that's how I was raised. She can pay if she likes, but I always offer first.

Are men becoming more like girls, and girls becoming more like men? Perhaps a new epidemic is sweeping America. Don't have a name forr it yet, but it seemss to turn decent men into hesitant, limp spined wimps.