Hi Guys
New to this site but looking for some helpful advice!!

To cut a very long story short have been seening this guy for the last year on and off but for the last 5 months it has been going really well,we get on well together,have a laugh etc up until last wkd.I brought up the topic of "commitment" when he had a few beers on him and we had a great chat about what we both wanted.He told me he was very afraid of commiting to me as he didnt want to hurt me.We know each other for years as we are neighbours and i live about 2 mins away from him.I waited the night in his house and next morning he was so affectionate and we were talking away and getting on really well.I had to go home then and that evening we were texting but everything seemed to be ok.
Now all week i have barely heard from him and if i have its been short texts and not much talk.I am at my wits end,i fell stupid now for bringing the subject up last weekend when he had drink on board.I dunno now whether i should just ask him the wkd to meet me and talk this out.I dont want him to feel pressured by any of this.

Any advice?