Married but still have feelings for EX?
I am married and have feelings for ex. I have no idea why this is occurring now, I am starting to catch feelings. Why is this? It has been yrs since we broken up and think the reason we broke up is because I was moving at the time and I figured that it wasn't going to work with having a long distance relationship with him. Of course I didn't tell my ex that at the time. I just kind of blew him off. Well I met someone before I moved and that person is now my husband. We did the long distance relationship for a few months and during those months he moved me back up. Anyway Well I am married with 2 kids and so is he with one on the way but he contacts me on aim occassionly. Why?
How does he feel?
Here was our last conversation:

Ok it started as hi how are you etc...
Him: Do my tax
Me: you can do it!
Me:Why choose me to do it?
Me: I guess I am special
Him:yes you are :)
---Next day
He im's me of course
Him: yo
Me: hey :)
Me: miss me?
Him: of course I miss you lol
Him: but you don't miss me lol
Me: Actually I do can't believe I just said that
Him: wow you do with smilyface
Me:told him I was mad at hubby
Him: you can talk to me
Me: I can't talk to someone I feelings for. Whew! Got that off my chest. Don't know why but I do
Him: lol wow
Him: you feel like that
Him; I didn't know you still feel like that
Him: BRB time for work
(then he signs off

So did I Just get dissed.. lol

A few days ago he asked so when are you going to cook for me? I said are you serious and he says lol could be

I really do love my husband and I would never cheat. Trust me on that. I like to be friends with him but nothing more. One thing about chatting with him online is that I never will im-contact him he is always contacting me. So should I just stop talking to him period? Why do exes want to stay in contact anyway?